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Frances Ha Frances Ha

Noah Baumbach / USA / 2012 / 86 min


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A modern-day fairy-tale, shot in an urban metropolitan setting and suffused with bittersweet humour, focusing on adults who still have some growing up to do.

Frances is 27 and lives with her best friend Sophie in New York. She is busy reinventing her career as a dancer. Although it’s been a while since her graduation, a fully functioning professional life still seems like a distant dream. Even though her job search ends in one disappointment after another, she’s fairly content with her life with Sophie even though they're a bit like an old married couple. But then without warning Sophie moves into a new flat with another girlfriend, and Frances suddenly finds herself out in the street. Now she not only has to find a new place to live but also a new place in the world. Although her love life is not going according to plan, Frances’ love of life remains indefatigable. 

“I've always been interested in that kind of psychological comedy. That conflict between how we want the world to be and how the world really is. It always involves some major or minor adjustment. Sometimes, it's a clear-cut hurdle that you have to get over, like a death or a divorce. Sometimes, it's just about being in your 20s and being totally lost. And I can relate to all of it. I've had times in my life when I really haven't been able to figure myself out.” (Noah Baumbach)

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