Fair Play Fair Play

Andrea Sedláčková / Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany / 2014 / 100 min / Czech

A sports drama addressing the issue of the doping scheme ran by the Czech Republic’s communist regime.

Czechoslovakia, the gray 1980s. Teenage Anna is a top sprinter and her trainer thinks she can go all the way to the Olympics. Her mother is also pinning her hopes on Anna’s success, seeing it as an opportunity for her daughter to live in the free world beyond the Iron Curtain. This vision is so strong that she willingly supports the doping programme the communist regime is testing on her daughter – although her health will clearly suffer.

»It´s not only a film about doping. It is about freedom, ethics, lines that mustn’t be crossed, about a mother-daughter relationship, about the communist society.« (Andrea Sedláčková)

Andrea Sedláčková 
Born in 1967 in Prague, Sedláčková studied screenwriting at Prague’s Film Academy (FAMU), and continued her training in editing and direction after immigrating to France at La Fémis in Paris. For the Czech television she has shot documentaries and TV movies. During her time in France she has been engaged mainly as an editor. She resides in both France and the Czech Republic. Fair Play marks her third feature film.

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