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Eskil & Trinidad Eskil & Trinidad

Stephan Apelgren / Sweden / 2013 / 98 min / Slovene subtitles, Swedish / 9+

Arriving in his eleventh new home in as many years, young boating enthusiast Eskil befriends the town eccentric, madam Trinidad, whose secret boat project might just hold the key to a new life.

Eskil and his dad are always on the move. Eleven new homes in eleven years means that Eskil is always the new kid in town. Hockey helps him fit in, but Eskil’s interests lie elsewhere: in anything to do with boats. While Eskil’s friend Mirja takes his place as the hockey goalie, Eskil begins his own adventure. But first a boat has to be built...

“In 1986 a friend told me about a village idiot obsessed with the thought of moving his community to warmer climes. With a few strokes of my pen, I sketched out a possible meeting between this character and a boy who was obsessed by boats. As is often the case with such side projects, it came to nothing. Suddenly the project came to life again, 25 years after it began...” (Stephan Apelgren)

Apelgren studied sound at Sweden’s Dramatiska Institutets. His made his filmmaking breakthrough with a TV special, Sune's Christmas, which was later followed by the immensely popular feature Sune's Summer. Since then he has directed several TV series and features.


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