Cinemini: Who’s There? Cinemini: Kdo trka?

razno / various / 2020 / 27 min / No dialogue / 3+

Ears, welcome to the cinema! Do not forget them. What do films look like if we cover our ears? And what do they sound like if we close our eyes? Knock, knock. Who’s there? Sound, round as a button.

A programme of carefully selected short films from European film archives with guided conversations. The Cinemini European project brings a playful film programme, ranging from tiny stories from the time of our grandparents to interesting films by contemporary artists.

Film programme:

The Tiny Fish Rybka
Sergei Ryabov, Russia, 2007, 10 minutes, no dialogues

Caution, The Doors Are Opening! Ostorozhno, dveri otkryvayutsya
Anastasia Zhouravleva, Russia, 2005, 5 minutes, no dialogues

Virtuoso Virtual Virtuos Virtuell
Thomas Stellmach, Maja Oschmann, Germany, 2013, 8 minutes, no dialogues

Birdcalls Birdcalls
Malcolm Sutherland, Canada, 2006, 5 minutes, no dialogues

The programme is part of the Cinemini Europe education project.

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