Cinemini: Time Machine Cinemini: Časovni stroj

razno / various / 2020 / 26 min / No dialogue / 3+

A cinema is a magical time machine – let’s quickly jump on it. The train takes us to the time of cinema’s birth and drops us off in a burlesque with an impish wheel. We curiously observe our parents’ games and make friends with a little alien. Quickly, come play with us, for we’re in a rush.

A programme of carefully selected short films from European film archives with guided conversations. The Cinemini European project brings a playful film programme, ranging from tiny stories from the time of our grandparents to interesting films by contemporary artists.

Film programme:

The Arrival of a Train L'arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat
Cinématographe Lumière, France, 1895/1896, 1 minute, silent

The Little Girl and Her Cat La petite fille et son chat
Cinématographe Lumière, France, 1900, 1 minute, silent

The Serpentine Dance Danse serpentine
Cinématographe Lumière, France, 1897, 1 minute, silent

Das Durchgebrannte Rad Bizzarrie di una ruota
Rossi & C., Turin (production), Italy, 1908, 3 minutes, silent

A Visit From Space Posjet iz svemira
Zlatko Grgić, Yugoslavia, 1964, 12 minutes, colour, little dialogues

Travelling Through Brush And Ink Bimo xinglü
Annlin Chao, Taiwan, 2017, 4 minutes, no dialogues

A Square Tér
István Szábo, Hubgary, 1971, 5 minutes, no dialogues

The programme is part of the Cinemini Europe education project.

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