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Labour of Love Asha jaoar majhe

Aditya Vikram Sengupta / India / 2014 / 84 min / Bengali

A cinematically sublime story, mostly devoid of dialogues, about a couple who have no choice but to show each other affection through a series of acts of love.

A simple tale set within the crumbling back lanes of Kolkata, in the depths of a recession. A man carries out his domestic routine in his small apartment, surrounded by Victorian furniture. The world he experiences from his window is comprised of street sounds and obscured views. But as the story unfurls we realise that he is not the only one who inhabits this apartment. A woman also lives there, but the couple co-exist on opposing work shifts. Their love strongly binds them, but they are only truly together in the forests of their dreams and in real life they are connected only through the ordinary objects they use.

»Labour of Love is set against the backdrop of a spiralling recession that hit India a few years back. Thousands of people lost their jobs without notice. Factories shut down and mills were locked. Faced with the uncertainty of losing their own jobs, the film's two central characters are under constant pressure to sustain their livelihood. But even in the face of adversity, they seem to possess a serene power and their demeanour helps display a strange, comforting calmness.« (Aditya Vikram Sengupta)

Aditya Vikram Sengupta   
Born in 1983 in Kolkata, India. He studied literature at the Kolkata University before specialising in Graphic Design at the National Institute of Design. He went on to study animation and film. His shorts have screened at various international festivals, while his paintings have been showcased in galleries across India. Labour of Love marks his debut feature.

2004 Chhaaya (short)
2006 Dheel (Kite Flying) (animation short)
2006 A Song of Innocence (animation short)
2007 Cigarettes Kill (animation short)
2014 Asha jaoar majhe (Labour of Love)

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