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Baden Baden Baden Baden

Rachel Lang / Belgium, France / 2016 / 95 min

A humorous, unpretentious portrayal of a young woman striving to reconnect with her inner self and other people over the course of one bizarre summer.

One day Ana realises she doesn’t need to put up with her boss’s fury any more. She rents a sports car and simply sets off into her own world. She drives to her grandmother's, to Strasbourg. She renovates her bathroom and reignites the old spark with her ex. She wears the uniform of her generation – short jeans, tight tops, trainers, and feels liberated. Over the course of the summer, the few visible insignia of her identity come together to form the personality of a young woman who is already an adult, but is intent on continuing the search – for who she’d like to be, for who she could be.

“My goal was to take every gender aspect out of my character: I wanted to talk about something universal and not about a girl or a boy. /…/ I took out all the codes of female sexual attractiveness. For me, it was a not so much a question of gender as it was about the metaphysics of things. What does it mean to grow up, to have important encounters that build who you are, to experience things that give you joy.«” (Rachel Lang)

Rachel Lang
Born in Strasbourg, France. She spent two years studying philosophy as well as dramatic arts before studying film. Her short graduation film, For You I Will Fight, won the Silver Leopard Award at the 2010 Locarno Film Festival. Baden Baden is Rachel Lang’s first feature film, and is the final part of a trilogy following two short films.

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