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Animateka 2017

Animated Documentaries I (2017) Animirani dokumentarci I (2017)


Prisluhni Londonu / Listen to London
Amir Muratović (Amir Muratović)
Slovenija/Slovenia, 2017, digital, 26'10”

Five Londoners (Tadej Zupančič, Vesna Marić, Vesna Petrešin, Rok Predin, Ilhami Ozkan) who moved into the city as artists, economic migrants or refugees, talk about the city and its changes: about gentrification and capitalist greed, about working-class areas, the city’s dodgy neighbourhoods that, after being occupied by artists and fashion designers, turn into trendy, expensive districts.

Vaniljev bič / Klimat I Wanilia / Vanilla Whip
Bogna Kowalczyk (Polish National Film School In Lodz)
Poljska/Poland, 2016, digital, 16'10”

An animated documentary film which breaks the social taboo about BDSM in Poland with documentary-recorded sound. A story of four people with conflicting approaches to BDSM and visions of themselves. In this world, anonymity meets self-awareness and safety collides with riding on the edge. “It's a fairy tale for adults about pain, pleasure, freedom, self-acceptance and… love”, says the director of the film.

Zelo blizu / מאוד קרוב / Velmi Blízko / Very Close
Eliška Habartová, Lee Oz (Bezalel Academy Of Arts And Design)
Češka, Izrael/Czech Republic, Izrael, 2017, digital, 6'10”

After two years in a long-distance relationship, Elishka leaves the Czech Republic to move to Israel to be with Lee and support him while his father is dying. At the airport, she is banned from entering the country and deported. The story unfolds through the couple's online chats and through conversations with their families, using objects that were direct or indirect witnesses to the story.

Kadar me kaj skrbi – Annabelina zgodba / When I Worry About Things - Annabel's Story
Andy Glynne (Mosaic Films)
VB/UK, 2017, digital, 4'42”

Annabel’s Story is a powerful animated, first person narrative documentary about a young girl’s struggle with OCD and depression. The film is part of When I Worry About Things, a series developed for the BBC that explores issues of mental health in children.

Presenečenje / Surpresa / Surprise
Paulo Patrício (Animais)
Portugalska/Portugal, 2017, digital, 8'45”

A short experimental/documentary animation made using a recorded conversation between a mother, Joana, and her 3-year-old daughter Alice, who is recovering from kidney cancer. They both talk – in a very open and frank way – about the illness, their present circumstances, struggles and victories.

Mamini lasje / Mammas Hår / Mum's Hair
Maja Arnekleiv (Trollfilm As)
Norveška/Norway, 2016, digital, 5'25”

When Maja was 16, her mother got cancer. She and her three younger siblings did not know what would happen, but they knew their mother would lose her hair and look quite different. Maja wanted to gather the good memories.

Primer Moczarski / Sprawa Moczarskiego / Moczarski's Case
Tomasz Siwiński (Fundacja Im. Kazimierza I Zofii Moczarskich)
Poljska/Poland, 2016, digital, 5'15”

Moczarski’s Case is the story of Kazimierz Moczarski – a famous Polish journalist, a resistance officer in the occupied Poland during WW2, author of the book called Conversations with an Executioner. In a metaphorical way, the film tells the story of his life and his encounter with Nazi general Jürgen Stroop, the liquidator of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Kadar zaslišim ptičje petje / Når Jeg Hører Fuglene Synge / When I Hear the Birds Sing
Trine Vallevik Håbjørg (Raasalt As)
Norveška/Norway, 2016, digital, 7'19”

Five Ivorian children had to flee when war broke out in the Ivory Coast after the presidential election in 2010. The children talk about hopes and dreams for the future.

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