Winwin Winwin

Daniel Hoesl / Austria / 2016 / 84 min / English, German

A biting satire on present-day capitalist society and its typical representatives, just as sterile and replaceable as the money they trust more than anything else in the world.

Four 'investors', looking very professional and always impeccably dressed – two men and two women – travel the globe in a private jet in search of companies to buy out for almost nothing. Surprisingly, many businessmen are willing to sell them their profitable business, even for a single euro. How is this possible? Are these wolves in sheep’s clothing merely poking fun or have they really lost their moral compasses?

"Currently many wars are being fought in this world. War inherently always creates losers. In the movie, everyone is a winner, that’s how it is in satire. Alongside all those wars – led by the Islamic state, fought inside Ukraine or the problems with refugees – is the meta-war, above all – the financial war, which is waged by the plutocrats against all of us. They exploit politics and unions and subjugate us all. It is difficult for me to talk about winners and losers. We are definitely all losers, even the millionaires who fear for their alleged wealth the most, as well as toil for it." (Daniel Hoesl)

Daniel Hoesl
Born in 1982, St. Pölten, Austria, Hoesl studied multimedia arts before working as assistant director for Ulrich Seidl. He has been involved in a number of art projects and collective film conspiracies. His works tend to explore the price and value of money. Winwin is his second feature film.

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