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Jury Programme: 4 Superstars Žirija se predstavlja: 4 zvezdnice

različne avtorice / various / 82 min

This year’s international jury includes four superstars of global auteur animation: Alexandra Ramires, a Portuguese animation poet and member of BAP Collective, Naomi van Niekerk, a South African master of storytelling using the charcoal animation technique, Nikki Schuster, an Austrian-born Berlin-based artist recycling found objects to make animated travelogues, and Dahee Jeong, a Korean animator whose poetic works have been awarded at the world’s leading festivals.

Elo / Tie
Alexandra Ramires (Bando à Parte/Providences)
Portugal, France, 2020, 11'

Two figures with different physical impairments find their way to one another under a hazy sun. They have nothing to hide from each other: one’s shortcoming is the other’s strength.

Gaan / Go
Naomi van Niekerk (Drysfand)
South Africa, 2015, 2’45''

A short reflection on arrivals and departures that forms part of a larger video work 'The Impermanence Museum'.

By alle skone dinge / To All Things Beautifull
Naomi van Niekerk (Drysfand)
South Africa, 2015, 3’02''

Follow a crow's flight into the city of Johannesburg.
A music video done with sand animation and silhouettes inspired by the Afrikaans poem 'By alle skone dinge'.

An Ordinary Blue Monday
Naomi van Niekerk (Drysfand)
South Africa, 2016, 4’

One Monday morning, a girl gets ready for school. In the ghetto neighbourhood where she lives, violence and tragedy are part of everyday life.

My Mamma Is Bossies / My Mum’s Bonkers
Naomi van Niekerk (Drysfand)
South Africa, 2017, 3’22''

My mum’s bonkers. Out of one eye she cries Puccini, out of the other she reprimands me.

Reflection Typo.
Dahee Jeong (École européenne supérieure de l’image Angoulême-Poitiers)
France, 2010, 4'23''

The body is used to create the alphabet.

La Chambre Noire / The Black Room
Dahee Jeong (Ensad - École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs)
France, 2011, 3'50''

Every day the main character who is confined to a dark room sees sunlight coming through the window, and he flees from the closed to an infinite space.

Le temps de l’arbre / The Hours of Tree
Dahee Jeong (Ensad - École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs)
France, 2012, 8'20''

Observing life cycles of trees, I could figure out differences and resemblances between trees and humans. This film is a collection of stories that are inspired by these various lives.

One Thousand Buddhas
Dahee Jeong (Indie-AniFest)
South Korea, 2014, 1'08"

A monk carves one thousand Buddha statues throughout the year to enter nirvana.

Man on the Chair
Dahee Jeong (Sacrebleu Productions)
France, 2014, 6’55”

Man on the Chair is tormented and constantly doubts his very own existence. Is it just merely a picture that I created? Perhaps I could also be an image crafted by others?

빈 방 / La Chambre vide / The Empty
Dahee Jeong (Sacrebleu Productions/Between the Pictures)
France, South Korea, 2016, 9’27”

Time is what the room has the most.
Dust is what I have the most.

21st Jeonju International Film Festival Trailer
Dahee Jeong (Jeonju International Film Festival)
South Korea, 2020, 0'30"

During the time when many people are confined because of Covid-19, I hope to communicate by opening windows from inside to outside through films.

Indie-Anifest 2020 Official Trailer
Dahee Jeong (Indie-AniFest)
South Korea, 2020, 0'50"

Who aRe you?

Berlin Recyclers
Nikki Schuster (Nikki Schuster/Fiesfilm)
Austria, Germany, 2012, 6'08''

Berlin - techno, cobblestones and a lot of graffiti. Berlin Recyclers portraits the cultural, social and urban fabrics of this city by means of experimental animation. The viewer is guided to urban hideouts where little creatures dwell. These are digitally composed with collected trash and typical local products. The clatter of the limbs of these creatures interacts with the soundscapes of Berlin.

Nikki Schuster (Nikki Schuster/Fiesfilm)
Austria/Germany, Argentina, 2013, 7′32''

Fast forward. A camera rushes across Argentina’s stone desert toward a cactus and crashes headfirst through an opening into the plant’s interior. There, a view opens up of an eerie universe. Vibrating insect wings beat, swishing against one another, then they transform into little Sputniks with tender antennas, rushing around, and we dive into one of their hollow bodies.

Nikki Schuster (Nikki Schuster/Fiesfilm)
Austria, Germany, 2015, 6'33''

A microscopic view submerges directly into slender plastic pipes and dusty cracks in walls in vacated buildings in Spain, Bolivia, Mexico, Bosnia, Croatia, and Germany. Glistening light alternates with the black of concealed corners in the debris- and trash-filled rooms.

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The Zone of Interest The Zone of Interest

Jonathan Glazer

Thursday, 22. 02. 2024 / 20:30 / Main Hall

British director Jonathan Glazer (Under the Skin) explores the darkest side of human nature. Winner of the Cannes Grand Prix.

Nina and the Hedgehog's Secret Nina et le secret du hérisson

Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol

Friday, 23. 02. 2024 / 10:00 / Main Hall

10-year-old Nina has always filled her imagination with her dad’s hedgehog diverting stories. But when he loses his job, Nina starts to worry about the future of her family. After hearing rumors of a treasure hidden by the old factory’s boss, Nina and her best friend Mehdi decide to organize a risky hold-up, to share the swag between her father and his fellow co-workers. A crazy adventure begins…

Additional Screening

Oppenheimer Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan

Friday, 23. 02. 2024 / 14:30 / Main Hall

“Prometheus was punished by the Gods for giving fire to man.” Christopher Nolan (Tenet, Dunkirk, Inception) brings the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, often credited as “the father of the atomic bomb”. Nolan’s script was based on the Pulitzer Prize winning book by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer. A stellar cast including Cillian Murphy as Oppenheimer. One of the most anticipated movies this summer.