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FeKK 2022: Želimir Žilnik Želimir Žilnik: Politične lekcije iz Zahodne Nemčije

Želimir Žilnik / West Germany / 1975 / 78 min

Uprising in Jazak; Request; Under the Protection of the State; Inventory; Public execution; House Orders; Farewell

Uprising in JazakUstanak u Jasku
Yugoslavija, 1973, 18’

Request Antrag
West Germany, documentary, 1974, 10’
Screenplay: Želimir Žilnik
Cinematography: Vlada Majić
Production: Vlada Majić

During lunch break at a construction site, a Greek man tries to write a letter to the German authorities to allow his parents to stay in Germany.

Under the Protection of the State Unter Denkmalschultz
West Germany, documentary, 1975, 11’
Director: Želimir Žilnik
Screenplay: Želimir Žilnik
Cinematography: Andrej Popović
Production: Alligator Film

In an old, decrepit building where dozens of guest-workers' families live, the owner avoids paying for the maintenance of the building.

Inventory Inventur Metzstrasse 11
West Germany, documentary, 1975, 9’
Director: Želimir Žilnik
Screenplay: Želimir Žilnik
Cinematography: Andrej PopovićProduction: Alligator film (Frank Thomas Aeckerle)

The film portrays tenants of an old building in Munich, who are foreign workers in Germany. In their mother tongue, they talk about themselves.

Public Execution Öffentliche Hinrichtung
West Germany, dokumentarni documentary, 1974, 9’
Director: Želimir Žilnik
Screenplay: Želimir Žilnik
Cinematography: Andrej Popović, Vlada MajićProduction: Vlada Majić

This documentary film essay analyses controversial police procedures in Germany in autumn 1974.

House Orders Hausordnung
West Germany, documentary, 1975, 12'
Screenplay: Želimir Žilnik
Cinematography: Andrej Popović
Production: Vlada Majić

The strict house rules in buildings where foreign workers lived in Germany lead to absurd situations and clashes caused by these restrictions.

Farewell Abschied
West Germany, documentary, 1975, 9'
Screenplay: Želimir Žilnik
Cinematography: Andrej Popović
Production: Vlada Majić

After five years spent working in a factory, a worker from Serbia gets on a train in Munich and gets ready for his journey south. The main character recollects his impressions about the city and the country where he worked and speaks about the new things and habits he has acquired.

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