Animateka 2013

Eastern and Central European Panorama II (2013) Vzhodnoevropska in srednjeevropska panorama II (2013)



In this short, paper becomes the material for animating... and having fun. Just fold it, cut it, and here is a mask, or something to play with...

Mind War

A man is isolated in a psychiatric ward and he is bothered by old wartime memories.

No Place for Paper Toys

This is the story of a paper toy who dared stand up against the sameness and intended to occupy its space in the world of objects.

The Puppet Maker

During World War II, in the 1940s, a puppet maker and his daughter, Swedish emigrants, live in Paris, in a small puppet shop. The little girl is trying to find her refuge and her dad again. A dramatic story of expectations, disappointment, love and distress.

The Man Who Managed to Get Pussy Off His Mind

A dream, maybe the real end of the world as we know it, bringing the character and the man back to his pre-lunar, original hermaphrodite condition. The moon steals away. A cosmological disruption that sets up the whole humankind all over again, regenerating and taking it back to a condition of purity and communion with no gender distinction.

 Short Tips for Artists – Tip #12

The remaining pieces of an episode from a scrapped tip series designed to help artists with their creative process.


Mr Potato lives in a typical, Grandma's, stuffed flat. Awful green wallpapers on the walls, TV in each room and a few mechanical improvements made not to waste time for shaving, cooking, washing up, going out to buy beer. Why should you lose time if you can spend it watching TV? Mr Potato has everything organised to devote himself to his new passion – staring at the box. But one day...


A new man is born in the habitat. Kicked out by the others he follows a new direction. How far will he go?

If You Let Me In

Emotions that could become obsessions. Initially they expand, consequently they eat you and make you live with them. Their effect moves from the person to the social masses and then returns back to ourselves, our home, our habitat, our society: a vicious circle. If you let it in…

Grotesque Chirp

A wing, an area and dissolved borders to the reality are waiting for the end of the night. In order to be able to come back again in the quiet daylight to the dreamless peace.

Out from the Deep

No peeking, please! Modern living has made us very private and quite uninterested. The Good Old Swing Octopus comes to the rescue! Out of the depths of the sea, it brings life to our faded city souls.

Svetovar Brewery

An astronaut is coming to Svetovar to take the place but in the end it is the Brewery itself that absorbs the visitor. A film shot as a site-specific project in the old Brewery in Pilsen, Czech Republic, in cooperation with a student of architecture, Vojta Rada.


A "transformative" film about art with a "deep meaning".


A free form film (without a script) created with free tools found on the Internet. A tribute to John and James Whitey.

Ex Nihilo

A stream of energy appears in the emptiness of space. The energy gives birth to an unknown being. The being is compelled by loneliness towards creation.

Number Nine

In a little cabin in the middle of the forest the clothes of a woman become alive.


Lighta is a small light bulb. She lives in the room of an old model maker, where she is the only source of light. One day the old model maker lets a new rival to the room. The small Lighta decides to fight for her place.

Serial Taxi

A young businesswoman takes a chilling ride when she realizes that her cab driver could be the notorious Taxi Killer.

Clockwork Heart

Through the catharsis of experiences and a nightmare relationship with his master, a watchmaker's apprentice will realize that the perfect clockwork can only be initiated if he sacrifices himself completely.

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