Animateka 2014

Eastern and Central European Panorama I (2014) Vzhodnoevropska in srednjeevropska panorama I (2014)


Northern Starfish
A fantasy thriller about a female spy and a diver who knows the secrets of starfish.

Elmando is the story of a young Congolese child, born near the forest of Kivu. His peaceful life takes a tragic turn when his village is attacked and his mother is kidnapped. Inspired by true events, young Elmando is on an epic journey through a perilous yet beautiful Africa in search of her.

Layka, a female dog, gets kidnapped and then launched to Space. Choban, the owner, starts the search.

Blackwood – How to Write a Blackwood Article
A young, ambitious journalist woman strolls forth in the street of Blackwood in search of some horrific inspiration for her new article...

Follow You
An animated music video for the British band "Selma & The Sound". The band members are shown as funny animal characters who go on a tour around the world. The title refers to today's possibility to follow everyone on the internet through social media. This is shown by status messages and photos of the band, which can be found in the collages throughout the whole video.

Frosty snowflakes turn into the flowers of sakura, when lonely old man's hands enfold a cup of hot tea. Dedicated to great Japanese haiku poet Issa Kobayashi.

The Tenement building
A black comedy dealing with a world without love. The tenement building is dilapidated, the tenants are not very well-off, and what is more they don't have enough food. They are very kind to each other, and cultivate good manners, but their behaviour is marked by artificiality and exaggeration. In the world full of competition and hostility, the lack of food is the major problem.

Ordinary Day
How would you feel to awaken in a day in which no other person existed in the world except you?

Fakofbolan: Always or Never?
Everyday routine can be a good retreat but what happens when we realise that safety is only a cover-up? What happens when we realise that we are born and live only to serve one purpose? This is a song about a little man, one of many.

An emperor awakes from his slumber and reveals the nature of everything.

A Merry Funeral
On the occasion of a funeral, life – in its most natural way – intervenes.
The sorrow is broken by moments of solace, the sombre colours by the lighter tones of irony and humour.
Humour and tragedy unite with real dramatic force.
A visualization of all this, encased in a fabric of original music, unfolds before the audience.

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