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Animateka 2013

Eastern and Central European Panorama I (2013) Vzhodnoevropska in srednjeevropska panorama I (2013)


A group of bugs is facing a terrible problem: because of their personal problems they can’t fly.

The Suitcase

In the sterile space of a desert, a naked man looking as a primitive human being finds a mysterious suitcase. By coincidence he manages to open the suitcase combination lock and sees the objects hidden inside: a suit, a folding cane, a pocket watch, a brass comb, a razor and wire frame glasses. One by one he discovers how to use them and tries to become a cultural and elegant man.


Hermit has a daily routine in his surroundings until he realizes that the truth may not always be what it seems.


A world where your dreams come true, a place where you can buy your happiness. Supermatket Konzo.

The Blood

In a dynamic and dramatic way, the story exposes the connection between life, death and their eternal companion – The Blood. Released from the corporeal prison of the dead body, it finds its own way, grows and like a huge monster envelops and conquers the entire world. It spins with the Earth itself and triumphs in the name of death.

The Girl Who Loved Fairy-Tales

“Once upon a time, there was a princess who loved…” This would be a typical beginning of a fairy-tale, then a prince would come and save the princess and they would live happily ever after. But what happens if the prince brings the princess down to earth?

Lost Senses

A short story about an encounter in an abstract world, á la Giorgio De Chirico. A Man is about to meet a Woman in an abstract flying city. Excited, running like a parkour practitioner, he is climbing up the buildings. But one unguarded moment is enough to make him lose his senses. And his chance.

Family Portrait

A prehistoric grave in the museum of natural history in Vienna still remains a secret for archaeologists. It consists of a man and two women with four children of various ages. Their posture implies that they were buried alive. The animation transfers the story to a family bed.

The Birth of Piglet

Cutting Piglets out of a frankfurter.


The protagonist, Tree, moves to a city and tries to adapt to his new environment. The trash-style series is about having no roots. It analyses human relationships in the midst of living conditions that feed hopelessness and demotivation.


Whether it is antiques, insects, adventures, friendships – collecting is a passion. One has never collected enough. Collectors shows in an entertaining and amusing way where collecting can lead.


A film about the educational problems of our time. We are all flooded with unimportant information, losing contact with the important stuff.

Linea Nigra

A metaphor that reflects a situation in which the effects of choosing a religion, a political system or a dogma blindly lead to an undesirable outcome.
Inspired by the politics surrounding the gold mining project in Roşia Montană, Romania.

At First Sight

One morning a young man (K.) notices a girl on a window opposite his own. She soon becomes his sole focus of attention, both emotionally and mentally. What K. then does for her, sets off a series of unpredictable events that spread far outside their "connection".


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What's On

The Diary of Diana B. Dnevnik Diane Budisavljević

Dana Budisavljević

Tuesday, 25. 02. 2020 / 15:00 / Main Hall

Long kept a secret, this story about a woman who saved thousands of children from an Ustashe camp in the Second World War talks about the best people in the worst of times. This was the big winner of the Pula Film Festival, awarded by the audience with a standing ovation.

iIsland iOtok

Miha Čelar

Tuesday, 25. 02. 2020 / 16:00 / Small Hall

iIsland is a feature documentary about the last 13 inhabitants of the island of Biševo and their struggles to save the island community from extinction.

Lara Lara

Jan Ole Gerster

Tuesday, 25. 02. 2020 / 17:00 / Main Hall

It’s Lara’s 60th birthday and her son Viktor, a promising piano player, is preparing for the most important performance of his life. Lara is a subtle and complex story about lost dreams, a love for music, and a complicated relationship between a mother and a son.