Animateka 2012

Eastern and Central European Panorama I (2012) Vzhodnoevropska in srednjeevropska panorama I (2012)

various / 87 min

Happy Birthday
Riho Unt (OÜ Nukufilm)
Estonija/Estonia, 2011, HD, 12'09''

An outlook vision about the duel between the biblical hero Jesus and a man-made robot. Does the robot manage to break the formed dogmas and convert the religion into his favour or will the status quo remain firm?

Čas, da vstaneš / Vreme je da ustaneš / Time to get up
Rajko Čučak (FAA Belgrade/FAA Animation Studio)
Srbija/Serbia, 2011, HD, 2'30''

Lazy boy fight with laziness in a funny way.

Matic Perčič (IAM)
Slovenija/Slovenia, 2012, HD, 3'54''

Pepo, the little clumsy bee, eagerly collects honey. In the end he finally manages to fill up the whole jar of it with the help of the latest bee-technology.

Gypaetus Helveticus
Marcel Barelli (Nadasdy Film)
Švica/Switzerland, 2011, HD, 6'45''

A satirical account of how the bearded vulture became extinct in the Swiss Alps because it was erroneously considered to be dangerous.

Sovine radosti in muhe / Eulenlust & Laune / An Owl's Zest & Quirks
Janina Arendt (Janina Arendt)
Avstrija, Gruzija/Austria, Georgia, 2011, HD, 2'25''

Having just met, a young woman and her local companion take a car trip in Georgia. There is laughter, dancing, and drinking. But without warning, the casual atmosphere constantly switches with a tense scenario: An anthropomorphous owl appears to cling to the protagonist like a shadow, a second person, and engage in a subliminal conflict with her companion.

Evolucija / Evolucija / EvilLution
Maja Božić (UMAS Split/Maja Božić)
Hrvaška/Croatia, 2011, HD, 3'22''

A monkey-like creature emerges from sea. It climbs on the island where it discovers a new reality. After a number of circumstances it returns to sea, marinated inside a fish can.

Gospod Sloff / Mister Sloff
Marijana Orsolić (FAA Belgrade/FAA Animation Studio)
Srbija/Serbia, 2011, HD, 1'42''

Mister Sloff is a keen traveller - but he is very slow. Being a sloth is not easy – he finds it hard to get around from place to place. The film shows how Mister Sloff finally found a way to travel the world.

Temna stran / Temnata strana / Dark Side
Lilyana Stoyanova (NATFA Sofia)
Bolgarija/Bulgaria, 2011, HD, 4'56''

A tiger is hunting, but every time he tries to catch a prey, it escapes because his shadow has been spotted. The tiger gets angry and tries to catch his own shadow. The shadow is too fast and escapes every time when the tiger attacks it. At last the beast grabs it and rips it apart. The shadow disappears. Without its own shadow the tiger falls dead on the ground.

Plima / Plima / Tide
Alen Zanjko (Diedra)
Hrvaška/Croatia, 2011, BetaSP, 6'08''

When the moon is full and the tide is high, strange things begin to happen. Tide is a surreal story about two characters trying to drink a cup of tea together,
against the odds. In this banal attempt, the damage greatly exceeds the benefit.

Komunikacija, obsedenost in recesija / Communication, Obsession and Recession
Jaka Kramberger, Leon Vidmar (O!nk studio)
Slovenija/Slovenia, 2012, HD, 3'24''

The warnings about harmful effects of smoking are reinterpreted in ridiculously absurd and ironic way.

Csaba Bardos (Artspoetica Animation Studio)
Madžarska/Hungary, 2012, HD, 5'55''

Albert has to wake up to the ringing of his wife's cell phone. It takes him quite an effort to get it from her reticule because it is full of other strange things. Finally he brings the mobile to his wife... who might not be who she seems.

Zofia Mikołajczak (University of Arts Poznan)
Poljska/Poland, 2011, BetaSP, 5'53''

'Loading' presents a problem that is familiar to most of us and materializes in everything that precedes the beginning of any undertaken task. The short animation 'Loading' relates this problem to the role that computers play in our lives.

Leona Kadijević (Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb)
Hrvaška/Croatia, 2012, HD, 4'57''

Natural processes and passing of time as component parts of human life.
While sitting, we are not perceiving them completely.

The Box
dadomani studio (dadomani studio)
Italija/Italy, 2012, digiBeta, 3'

While his master falls asleep, the dog jumps on the sofa to watch TV, but it has to deal with its master's dreams.

Yet Another Day …
Damir Grbanović, Mark Bizilj, Klavdij Juvan, Simon Reher (VŠU Nova Gorica)
Slovenija/Slovenia, 2012, HD, 3'15''

The daily ritual between a prisoner and his guard, which repeats day after day, after day...

The Fartist
Costas Fatsis (Costas Fatsis)
Grčija/Greece, 2012, HD, 3'06''

A Greek teenager watches the Athens riots on TV. He decides to make α molotov cocktail and join the bombing. On the way, something happens that will change his views and his route. Will he also destroy the city center?

Graditelj / Konstruktor / The Designer
Tessa Moult-Milewska (FUMI Studio/Warszaw Film School/FAMO Pisek)
Poljska/Poland, 2012, HD, 13'25'

The Designer is a lonely outsider devoted to his work constructing twin copies of his clients. He manages to lose his thoughts during his work, until one day there's no more people to help, and the laboratory seems somehow cold and empty. To cheat his solitude he designs a creature of his own image and resemblance, but what if it appears to be better than him? 

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