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From 24 January 2019

Climax Climax

Gaspar Noé / France / 2018 / 96 min / English, French

An ecstatic and hypnotic story of a party that spins out into a delirious nightmare.


The DVD of the film is available in our Bookshop. (List of available DVDs in Slovene only)


1996. A group of young dancers rehearse in the atmospheric halls of an abandoned school. Following thir last rehearsal they gather for a party, but their celebrations are quickly distorted when they discover that their drinks have been spiked with LSD...

You despised I Stand Alone, you hated Irreversible, you loathed Enter the Void, you cursed Love, now try Climax. An ecstatic and hypnotic story of a party that spins out into a delirious nightmare.

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What's On

Have a Nice Day Hao ji le

Liu Jian

Tuesday, 12. 11. 2019 / 17:00 / Main Hall

In a desperate attempt at saving his fiancée from the consequences of failed cosmetic surgery, a young driver steals a bag containing a million yuan from his boss. As news of the event quickly spreads throughout the city, everyone embarks on a hunt for the man and the stolen money.

Only until November 13th!

Infinite Football Fotbal infinit

Corneliu Porumboiu

Tuesday, 12. 11. 2019 / 18:00 / Small Hall

Master of the Romanian New Wave Corneliu Porumboiu (12:08 East of Bucharest; Police, Adjective) made this characteristically insightful and witty documentary about a dreamer who wants to change the rules of the game.

Last Screening

Good Day's Work Dobar dan za posao

Martin Turk

Tuesday, 12. 11. 2019 / 18:45 / Main Hall

A Bosnian film by the Slovenian director Martin Turk, who describes it as “a portrait of a man who is too good for this world”.