The Big Feast La Grande bouffe

Marco Ferreri / France, Italy / 1973 / 125 min / Italian, French

Pilot Marcello, TV host Michel, gourmet chef Ugo, and judge Philippe are four middle-aged friends. Bored after attaining great success in life, they withdraw to a dilapidated villa in the outskirts of Paris to indulge in orgies and decadent eating.


The Italian maestro of subversion and provocation, Marco Ferreri, quite rightly referred to his grotesque comedy as “physiological satire”. Not only did he hold up the mirror to the decadence and vulgarity of the greedy consumer-oriented society, but he also provoked terrible heartburn. In 1973, The Grande Bouffe triggered a scandal among audience and critics in Cannes and was at the same time awarded the best film award by the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI).

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