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More Than Honey More Than Honey

Markus Imhoof / Switzerland, Austria, Germany / 2012 / 91 min / Slovene subtitles, English, Swiss German, Mandarin Chinese, German / 14+

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Millions and millions of bees have disappeared in 2007 and 2008. Seemingly unmotivated, without any prior symptoms of illness or infection they have disappeared from a hive saturated with honey – never to reappear at any other place, but also without leaving any dead bodies behind. Helpless the queen and the young stay behind and die the slow and painful death of starvation.

»My grandfather was a beekeeper. He had a canning factory and big gardens with fruits and berries. My daughter and my son-in-law are bee scientists so I’m very well informed. But if you ask somebody on the street, they don’t know that one-third of everything they eat derives from work done by bees. I believe Einstein’s quote – 'If bees die out, man will die out four years later' - it shows how important bees are in nature, as pollinators for all the things we like to eat, for the staples and what we need to stay alive. In Switzerland there was a 70 percent loss of bees, in America there were 30 percent losses, and Germany too. It’s becoming a larger problem.«
- Markus Imhoof

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