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The Third Murder Sandome no satsujin

Hirokazu Koreeda / Japan / 2017 / 125 min / Japanese

With The Third Murder, Japanese master of the family drama Hirokazu Koreeda, winner of this year's Palme D'Or at Cannes for Shoplifters, directs his lens towards the crime genre for the first time.


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Successful attorney Shigemori takes on the defence of Misumi, a defendent accused of theft and murder. Hope of success is skant: Misumi, who had previously been convicted of the murder, openly admits his own guilt in spite of facing the death penalty. But the more that Shigemori delves into the case, the more he begins to doubt whether his client has really broken the law.

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Push Push

Fredrik Gertten

Monday, 21. 10. 2019 / 18:00 / Small Hall

The film provides an insight into the mechanism of the global housing crisis and answers the questions of why you suddenly cannot afford to live in your own city anymore, who is taking the soul out of communities and what you can do to win your city back.

A Rainy Day in New York A Rainy Day in New York

Woody Allen

Monday, 21. 10. 2019 / 19:00 / Main Hall

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