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Best of the World IV (2021) Svetovni jagodni izbor IV (2021)

različni avtorji / various

The Hangman at Home
Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot (Late Love Production/ Miyu Productions/Floréal Films/ National Film Board of Canada)
Denmark, France, Canada, 2021, 14'02"

What does the hangman think about when he goes home at night after work?

Ding / Thing
Malte Stein (independent)
Germany, 2021, 4'32"

A man is being chased by a thing.

Terra Incognita
Adrian Dexter, Pernille Kjaer (Ikki Films/Insolence Productions/Sun Creature Studio)
France, Denmark, 2021, 21'30"

Terra Incognita follows life on a mysterious island inhabited by immortal beings. These beings lead a pre-civilized life forgotten by time, spending their endless days in hedonistic lethargy. The film tells the story of what happens when these beings are visited by the outside world.

Satane siyah / Black Sateen
Shiva Sadegh Asadi (independent)
Iran, 2021, 2'10"

Inspired by a poem about kids’ pretend-play, I played with my childhood toys after years! I played like a child, freely, spontaneously and without any plan. The result is this film. I don’t know its exact story or meaning, but I think it tells something about me.

Los huesos / The Bones
Joaquín Cociña, Cristóbal León (Pista B/Diluvio)
Chile, 2021, 14'

Los huesos is a fictitious account of the world’s first stop-motion animated film. Dated 1901 and excavated in 2021 as Chile drafts a new Constitution, the footage documents a ritual performed by a girl who appears to use human corpses. Emerging in the ritual are Diego Portales and Jaime Guzmán, central figures in the construction of authoritarian and oligarchic Chile.

Night Bus
Joe Hsieh (independent)
Taiwan, 2020, 20'

On a late-night commuter bus, a necklace is stolen. This is followed by a tragic and fatal road accident, and a series of intriguing events which reveal love, hatred, and vengeance. The film climaxes as the bus goes ablaze, burning and glittering against the dark coastal sky.

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What's On

Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn Babardeală cu bucluc sau porno balamuc

Radu Jude

Thursday, 27. 01. 2022 / 15:30 / Main Hall

A satire on sex scandals and duplicitous moral standards on a par with the finest examples of Romania’s New Wave cinema. Golden Bear for Best Film at Berlinale 2021. Due to sexually explicit content the film is not suitable for minors.

Small Body Piccolo corpo

Laura Samani

Thursday, 27. 01. 2022 / 18:00 / Main Hall

The young Italian director’s debut film, a raw fairy tale based on an ancient Christian tradition existing in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Small Body explores the boundaries of human belief in miracles.

The Mole Agent El Agente Topo

Maite Alberdi

Thursday, 27. 01. 2022 / 18:30 / Small Hall

When a family become concerned about their mother’s well-being in a retirement home, private investigator Romulo hires the 83-year-old Sergio to become a resident and a mole inside the home. While gathering intelligence, the charming senior soon becomes close to several residents and realises the truth beneath the surface is not what anyone had suspected.