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Animateka 2015

Best of the World III (2015) Svetovni jagodni izbor III (2015)

razno / various

The Infinity Project
Support independent animation. Looking like a charity appeal video, The Infinity Project draws emotional attention to forgotten, malformed and starving drawings, in the hope to breathe life into independent animation production.

All Rot
Responding to the compositional and aesthetic qualities of abstract expressionism and cameraless animation, All Rot uses photographic reanimation to render the mundane environment of a decaying crazy golf course into a rapturous split-screen experiment in synaesthetic cinema.

Unhappy Happy
Loud is the new quiet. Classic is the new punk. Non- is the new sense. Disturbing, brutish and subversive, Peter Millard again turns the silver screen on its head with his radical reduction of the medium. His Dadaistic audio-visual work inspires happiness. Or sadness. One reaction it does not inspire is indifference.

A man sentenced to death, an old lady, a hunter, a window cleaner, a captive cook and an anorexic young girl. The stories of these people are told through their relation to food, their relation to other people and their vision of the world.

Who will pay the Bill?
Three experts give us their insights on a very controversial subject. It is highly doubtful if expert number four will ever be invited back.

Castillo y el Armado
Castillo is a young dockworker who lives in the coast between Brazil and Uruguay. He divides his time between the carpets he has to carry, his family and a fishing rod at the pier. On a windy night, he faces his own brutality on the line of the fishhook.

Storm Hits Jacket
A storm is raging on the coast of Brittany. Two young scientists are caught in the turmoil. Espionage, hopes of love and mystical moments collide with excitement and chaos.

The Five Minute Museum
A romp through the museums of England and Switzerland in which the objects on display come to life and reveal the stories of their creation. It is a celebration of the chaotic diversity conjured by the human hand and mind, and the eccentricity of museum collections.

A celebration of anima.

Yùl and the Snake
Yùl, 13, goes with his big brother Dino to make a deal with Mike, a thug escorted by his Dogo Argentino. When things go wrong, a mysterious snake appears.

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Animateka / The Elephant Family

Animateka Festival Opening 2021 Otvoritev festivala Animateka 2021

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Monday, 29. 11. 2021 / 20:00 / Main Hall

Best of the World I (2021) Svetovni jagodni izbor I (2021)

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Tuesday, 30. 11. 2021 / 16:30 / Main Hall