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Supa Modo Supa Modo

Likarion Wainaina / Germany, Kenya / 2018 / 74 min / Slovene subtitles, English, Swahili / 8+

With the help of imagination, you can become a superhero!

9-year-old terminally ill Jo loves action movies and dreams about becoming a superhero. Her sister Mwix encourages Jo to believe in her superpowers. Together with the village community they turn Jo’s dreams into reality. An inspiring story about the superpower of imagination and the unusual ways we say goodbye to people we love with the help of a friendly community.

I will say this – Likarion Wainaina's brainchild translates marvellously onto the screen. The writers did an incomprehensible job of making a movie that's about a little girl, about family, and one of my favourites – a la Black panther – about what community actually means. It's weepy without being far-flung tragic, funny without camp and it's beautiful without using the premise of the story as a crutch. Did I mention the perfectly selected cast who made the film as Kenyan as it could possibly be, complete with thoughts and prayers, accents and children playing something as simple as soccer on a field? I don't want to say it is perfect because the critic in me rebel against such sweeping phrases, but it was as close as I've seen thus far.
- Abigail Arunga, Daily Nation

This Kenyan filmmaker was born in Moscow, Russia but now lives in Nairobi, where he works as a director and cinematographer. As a cameraman he has filmed documentaries and commercials, as a director he has worked on several TV shows and made a number of short films. One of his first, Between the Lines, was the first Kenyan film to projected on an IMAX screen in Kenya. More recently, his award-winning film Bait screened at the Cannes International Film Festival.


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