In Love In Love

Chuck Vincent / USA / 1983 / 96 min / English

A short and passionate night in Florida. Andy, a young businessman, and Jill, a flighty young woman, fall madly in love. But life has a different agenda for them. He returns to New York, marries his boss's daughter, and starts climbing the advertising business ladder. She joins a cult in California, ends up in prison, and writes a best-seller. Times goes by, but Andy and Jill can’t let go of their night together.


First screened at the Sloga Cinema from 1 September to 15 December 1986

This “porno chic” passionate melodramatic romance made by auteur Chuck Vincent in 1983 was one of the last bright moments of aspiring artistic cinema pornography. However, when In Love, featured as a hard-core porno film, came to Sloga in 1986, it became the hit of the year. With 101,624 viewers, it remains one of the most-viewed films in Slovenia to date. For all the nostalgics, the film will be screened using the original film copy from the former Sloga Cinema.

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