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Unclenching The Fists Razžimaja kulaki

Kira Kovalenko / Russia / 2021 / 97 min

In a former mining town in North Ossetia, a young woman struggles to escape the stifling hold of the family she loves as much as she rejects.

The small mining town of Mizur lies high in the mountains of North Ossetia between steep cliffs. Zaur has settled his family here. He keeps his sons and daughter on a short leash, blind to the line that separates fatherly concern from overprotectiveness. His eldest, Akim, has already run off to the nearest city, Rostov, to find work. Meanwhile, his youngest, Dakko, isn’t entirely sure yet what he wants out of life, while middle child, Ada, is actively planning her own escape. Although she’s already a young woman, her father still insists on treating her like a defenseless little girl. Freeing herself from his strong paternal embrace to finally embark on an independent adult life of her own is proving tougher than she anticipated. But just what is this father trying to protect his daughter from?

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What's On

Titina Titina

Kajsa Næss

Saturday, 04. 02. 2023 / 16:30 / Main Hall

Titina was a real dog who led an extra ordinary life, taking her from a harsh existence in Rome’s back alleys to a lofty view over the North Pole. Inspired by true events, the film works on different levels to make it enjoyable for both children and adults.

Melting Dreams Smučarske sanje

Haidy Kancler

Saturday, 04. 02. 2023 / 17:30 / Small Hall

This documentary by a Slovenian director follows three Afghan girls who dream of becoming professional skiers and competing in the Olympic Games. But when they arrive in Europe to start the intensive training, their dreams begin to crumble …

Aftersun Aftersun

Charlotte Wells

Saturday, 04. 02. 2023 / 18:30 / Main Hall

As she browsed through old family albums, the director was inspired to reflect on our inability to ever truly understand the complex inner lives of our loved ones. Her deeply personal, stylistically original and moving feature-length debut won over the critics at the Cannes festival and was included in numerous Best Film lists in of 2022.