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Death in Sarajevo Smrt u Sarajevu

Danis Tanović / 2016 / 85 min / Bosnian, English, French

At the Europa hotel in Sarajevo preparations are being made for the 100th anniversary of the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand when frustrated employees announce a strike. Oscar award-winning director Danis Tanović returns with this allegorical tale of modern Europe.

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Additional Screening

Man With Shadow Človek s senco

Ema Kugler

Tuesday, 29. 09. 2020 / 18:00 / Main Hall

The genetic code forces people to reproduce. Infants have no choice; as helpless beings, they are subjected to training in civilisational norms determined by those in power. The film’s artistic forcefulness and aesthetic artfulness lead the viewer to a spontaneous transformation in relation to ethics, society and the reception and perception of art.

Oh Mercy! Roubaix, une lumière

Arnaud Desplechin

Tuesday, 29. 09. 2020 / 20:45 / Main Hall

A true-crime based film noir in which director Arnaud Desplechin (A Christmas Tale, Jimmy P) and his protagonist, police chief Daoud, seek the inner light in people.

Corpus Christi Boże Ciało

Jan Komasa

Wednesday, 30. 09. 2020 / 15:00 / Main Hall