Animateka 2017

The Elephant in Competition IV (2017) Slonov tekmovalni program IV (2017)

various / 65 min / 14+

For youth over 14.

Pipi pišče išče: Samostojnost / Pipi the Chicken Looks for: Independence
Mitja Manček (Mitja Manček)
Slovenia, 2016, digital, 1'

Pipi tries to stand on his own two feet.

Posljednji izazov / The Last Quest
Božidar Trkulja (Zagreb film)
Croatia, 2017, digital, 15'57”

Five brave heroes. Three incitive dwarfs. One tempting prize. Greed, vanity and lust in the contest until the very end. Who could be worthy?

Zakuriti ogenj / To Build a Fire
Fx Goby (Composite Films)
France, 2017, DCP, 13'04”

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Jack London’s death, filmmaker Fx Goby adapts his famous novel To Build a Fire. It tells the tragic tale of a man and his dog trying to survive in the overwhelmingly freezing and hostile nature of the Yukon Territory. Enter our polar western and experience the bitter cold while embarking on a sensory journey.

Pieter Coudyzer (Pieter Coudyzer)
Belgium, 2016, DCP, 5'35”

A small ladybug has a great ambition: it wants to reach the sky.

Negative Space
Max Porter, Ru Kawahata (Ikki Films/MANUEL CAM Studio/Ikki Inc.)
France, 2017, digital, 5'30”

My dad taught me how to pack.

The Full Story
Daisy Jacobs, Chris Wilder (lifesizefilm)
UK, 2017, digital, 7'30”

Toby's was a generation seized by divorce. As he shows an estate agent round his childhood home, we hurtle back through time, in search of the full story. Why do close ties break and loved ones leave? And what do you do when your family's gone?

Mammas Hår / Mum's Hair
Maja Arnekleiv (Trollfilm As)
Norway, 2016, digital, 5'25”

When Maja was 16, her mother got cancer. She and her three younger siblings did not know what would happen, but they knew their mother would lose her hair and look quite different. Maja wanted to gather the good memories.

Maacher Jhol / The Fish Curry
Abhishek Verma (Jamuura/Abhishek Verma)
India, 2017, digital, 12'02”

A young man Lalit Ghosh, 28, decides to come out to his parents. He is in love with a man, his very own roommate, Ashutosh Gautam. He plans his day by cooking his father’s favourite dish, the traditional fish curry (Maacher Jhol). He prepares the dish with effort and serves his father the delicious fish curry and confronts his sexuality over the dinner table. Will Lalit’s dad love the delicious fish curry?

Pablo Polledri (Maniac Planet)
Argentina, 2016, digital, 9'

Ambition, exploitation of labour, environmental pollution, human degradation, surplus value, corruption and much more in the amazing world of free market!

Our Wonderful Nature: The Common Chameleon
Tomer Eshed (Lumatic Gmbh & Co Kg)
Germany, 2016, digital, 3'32”

The feeding habits of the common chameleon as never seen before.

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