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Animateka 2018

The Elephant in Competition II (2018) Slonov tekmovalni program II (2018)

various / 35 min / 7+

For children aged 7. years or more.

Dackel / Dachshund
Julia Ocker (Studio Film Bilder)
Germany, 2018, digital, 3'37"

The dachshund doesn‘t get why its behind always has to pee.

Bijela vrana / White Crow
Miran Miošić (Zagreb film)
Croatia, 2018, digital, 9'05" 

Little White Crow is not the perfect match in the flock of black crows. On the contrary, she is often laughed at and bullied. But when the flock environment goes through turbulent changes, little White Crow helps them find a better place to live.

Maček Muri – Kosilo / Mury The Cat – Lunch
Jernej Žmitek (Invida)
Slovenia, 2018, digital, 11'36"

Mury has promised to take Missy for a lunch at the Chat Noir restaurant. But… “Chat Noir is haunted!” screams Jean, the greatest cook in Cat City. Mury and his friends bravely set out to solve the mystery of the scary ghost. Meanwhile, Missy is getting really hungry…

Trop Petit Loup / The Hungry Little Wolf
Arnaud Demuynck (Les Films Du Nord/La Boîte... Productions)
France, Belgium, 2017, digital, 8'25" 

A cute but over-confident wolf cub decides one day that he is big enough to go hunting on his own. He sets out to find a willing prey, but all that he approaches are too big for him... or rather too cunning. This loose adaptation of a Russian children's tale, The Little Wolf is a tongue-in-cheek romp with lots of laughs at the wolf cub's expense.

Bei Nacht Erwacht / Night Moves
Falk Schuster (Animated Stories)
Germany, 2017, digital, 4'25"

Deep in the night when everyone is fast asleep, funny shapes and jolly beasts rumble though the bedroom. There is so much to discover! Only the break of dawn will put an end to their nightly adventures. But dusk is only a stone's throw away.

Nils Hedinger (Prêt-à-tourner)
Switzerland, 2018, digital, 7'38" 

A tadpole somehow misses out on becoming a frog and is left behind, alone. But there is much to discover in the pond and spring is sure to come again next year. A little story about growing up.

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