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Animateka 2019

Adults Only Samo za odrasle


Somewhere Soft
Satoe Yoshinari (Volda University College)
Norway, 2018, 4'57"

Why does heartbreak hurt so much?
Is it my heart that’s broken?
This is my interpretation of a heartbreak.

Sous le cartilage des côtes / Under the Rib Cage
Bruno Tondeur (Take Five/Autour de Minuit/Schmuby)
Belgium, France, 2018, 13'02"

This is the story of a guy who’s gonna die. Maybe.

Kinky Kitchen
Bea Höller (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg)
Germany, 2018, 1'56"

Chosen kitchen utensils and groceries are leading a life of their own. In an intimate moment they interact in an untypical way.

Petre Tomadze (Mifasi Animation)
Georgia, 2018, 6'30"

Cemetery. Hot noon. A grave digger is falling in love with a widow while digging the grave for her husband.

Sentir-me / Feeling Myself
Joana Flauzino, Débora Rodrigues, Vanessa Santos (Instituto Politécnico Portalegre)
Portugal, 2018, 5'50"

On a balcony, a man smokes nervously. When he comes back inside, an unknown woman provokes him, leading him on an introspective journey. Despite his insecurity, the man lets himself be carried by this woman and be brought to his true self.

Eszter Jánka (Academy of Media Arts Cologne)
Germany, 2019, 8'55"

They wander through an infinite emptiness. A couple and she, the woman. They feel an inexplicable bond, in the night, in the world: outside. Their encounter can only occur in the empty room. One by one they can enter the space and find each other again. In their world, they are not completely alone, Pig is observing them.

Finding Uranus
Ivan Li (Emily Carr University of Art and Design)
Canada, Hong Kong, 2019, 6'56"

A coming of age sci-fi film about lost and found.

A Double Life
Job, Joris & Marieke
The Netherlands, 2018, 2’43"

A deliciously dark comedy about a husband and wife whose different ideas of gender conformity lead to an unexpected confrontation.

You Used to Bring Me Flowers
Nofar Schweitzer (Bezalel Academy Of Arts & Design)
Israel, 2018, 4'44"

Male and female relations are examined through the gesture of giving flowers.

Jin Woo (Sewingbug)
South Korea, 2019, 6'30"

There are Appa, Daughter, and kid living in the mountain.
Appa wants to feed his daughter, but she wants to run away from the table.
- Even if you think you have completely eliminated Appa, you can never escape.

Takoyaki Story
Sawako Kabuki (self-produced)
Japan, 2018, 1'35"

A girl always attracted by Takoyaki but with hesitation gets addicted to Takoyaki eventually.
Takoyaki (octopus balls) is a famous and very delicious Japanese street food.

Farse / Farce
Robin Jensen (Mikrofilm)
Norway, 2019, 10'50"

A Sami man ends up in greedy and decadent claws as he tries to save both his reindeer herd and the woman he desires. An awful fable about fatal passion.

Cage Match
Bryan Lee (University of Southern California)
USA, 2019, 9'08"

A businessman enters an elevator for a day of work...

Mustererkenntnis / Pattern Cognition
Thorsten Fleisch (neodvisni/self-produced)
Germany, 2019, 7'20"

When you stare at a screen for long, the screen stares back at you.

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