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Hobbyhorse Revolution Keppihevosten vallankumous

Selma Vilhunen / Finland / 2017 / 90 min / English Subtitles, Slovene subtitles, Finnish / 10+

“Respect to the hobbyhorses!”

Never stop doing what you love: A funny and moving documentary about teenagers who discover their own voice and talent through riding and making hobbyhorses, a widely popular subculture in Finland. Many young women and girls demonstrate in this film that hobbyhorsing is not a children’s game but a means to recharge one’s batteries, gain recognition and experience the feeling of belonging. 

“Warm and funny, Vilhunen presents a thoughtful and non-judgmental look at the Finnish hobbyhorse community in her documentary. A compelling film on the phenomenon, Hobbyhorse Revolution celebrates its subject matter with enthusiasm, resulting in a doc which is both deeply moving and endlessly amusing.”
- Chelsea Phillips-Carr, Point of View Magazine

“The film has the tension and triumphant energy of a great sports picture. You'll stand, you'll cheer, you'll wonder what to name your horse.”
- Norman Wilner, Now

Selma Vilhunen
Selma Vilhunen is an Academy Award nominated director and screenwriter of both fiction and documentary films. Her works as a director include the Oscar nominated short film Do I Have to Take Care of Everything? (2012). Vilhunen is also a founding member and co-owner of the Helsinki based production company Tuffi Films.


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