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From 7 April 2018

Prince Ki-Ki-Do Princ Ki-Ki-Do, junaški piščanček

Grega Mastnak / Slovenia / 2017 / 38 min / No dialogue / 5+

The woods are in danger! Do not panic, please. Prince Ki-Ki-Do controls the gang!

directed by Grega Mastnak, screenplay Peter Povh, Grega Mastnak, animation Grega Mastnak, Anka Kočevar, Timon Leder, Gašper Rus, Vanja Erjavec, Lea Vučko , music, sound Vojko Sfiligoj, voices Violeta Tomič, Uroš Vuk, Vojko Sfiligoj, edited by Grega Mastnak , technical support Jan Simončič, producers Grega Mastnak, Mojca Zlokarnik, production company OZOR, zavod za gibljive slike , co-produced by Radiotelevizija Slovenija

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Prince Ki-Ki-Do is known for his mild temper. He lives a perfectly normal life of a super hero. In a place with a superb view. His faithful friends and steady companions Tine and Bine are his only regular assistants. Delicious green tea appears to be his sole weakness. Whenever the circumstances allow, he dedicates himself to his tea and a newspaper ... Nevertheless, his senses always stay alert.

Programme of six animated shorts, no dialogue.

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