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In Kinobalon from 31 August 2023

Just super Helt super

Rasmus A. Sivertsen / Norway / 2022 / 76 min / Dubbed / 6+

“I may not have been born a full-fledged superhero. But Mom always told me not to stress about it. I’d be ready when the time was right.”


Once more, Super Lion saves the city. Nobody knows who is behind the mask, with the exception of eleven-year-old Hedvig. Because Super Lion is her father, and one day she will take over his job. And that day arrives sooner than expected. Because dad’s superhero suit no longer fits him after having been put in too hot a wash, but it’s now just about Hedvig’s size. Hedvig, who is neither acrobatic nor athletic, seems too clumsy to her father to become a superheroine. Luckily, the Super suit amplifies exactly what she does best. But Hedvig can’t think of anything other than computer gaming. Fast-paced and funny, the film tells the story of a family of lovable, headstrong superheroes balancing their secret identity with a need to be recognized within.

(Quoted from Berlinale catalogue)

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