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Summer With Anton Un été avec Anton

Jasna Krajinovič / Belgium, Russia / 2012 / 61 min


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Anton is 12 years old. He lives with his grandmother in a little house outside Moscow. He spends his holidays  with his pals or just plays round with his baboushka, who lovingly teases him back. Those carefree days of summer vanish when he goes off to a military training camp, like most Russian children do, where we find him armed and in uniform…

»Sharing thousands joys and sorrows and revealing his childhood dreams of becoming a good and strong man, Anton took me from the playgrounds of his village to the dimmed world of a military camp for children. And suddenly, reflecting through his young life, I could see the present situation in his country and in the world, and I was able to catch a hint of what might be a future war.« (Jasna Krajinovič)

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