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Perlimps Perlimps

Alê Abreu / Brazil / 2022 / 75 min / Slovene subtitles, English Subtitles, Portuguese / 7+

A new feature animation by Alê Abreu, the director behind the award-winning Boy and the World.

Claé and Bruô are secret agents from enemy Kingdoms of the Sun and the Moon sent in a world controlled by Giants on the brink of a terrible war. Amid forgotten ruins, pyramids, gas mountains and floating-rock deserts, they discover they’re on the same mission: To save their respective kingdoms from the terrible Giants that have surrounded the Forest. They must overcome their differences and combine forces to find the Perlimps, mysterious creatures who can ultimately find a way to peace.

"Initially, the movie was called Voyagers of the Enchanted Forest, but during production we felt that it asked for a different name.
The word Perlimps was a suggestion by Luiz Bolognesi (one of the producers), inspired by pirilampos (fireflies in Portuguese), for the beings that the two main characters are looking for. It was short, simple and inventive, and I thought that should be the name of the film as well.

Claé and Bruô, the main characters, are secret agents from enemy kingdoms that are at war with each other. They come from opposite worlds, from very different cultures, a conflict lasting a century. I believe I made a relation to the political tension that exists in Brazil (and the world) and grows with each day.
Claé and Bruô should understand that dialogue, empathy and the union of differences will bring the strength they seek.

An important, if not fundamental, aspect of the language of this film is its color palette. The “Perlimps” enter the forest in the form of a ray of light. I expressed this idea by letting the film become flooded by a multicolor spectrum, using the entire chromatic circle in the same scene. It’s an idea that transports me into a ludic and extremely free universe of childhood."
- Alê Abreu

"Nine years in the making, Perlimps has landed here and now to offer a timely allegorical perspective on the state of our world, particularly the climate crisis and armed conflicts – providing an ideal way for kids to unpack these big issues. What at first appears to be a straightforward narrative adventure story, perfect for even the smallest of audience members, suddenly offers up layers of meaning and a profound philosophical statement about guardianship, the unsurmountable walls between warring ideologies, and growing up and finding your voice."
- Nic Marshall

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