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Animateka 2013

Partner Festivals: Primanima Partnerski festivali: Primanima


PRIMANIMA is a festival dedicated to up-and-coming animation filmmakers.
We accept only student and workshop films, graduation films and début animated shorts. As this year’s jury member Max Andersson, a comics artist from Sweden, noted, at Primanima we look forward to animations that are “rough and original rather than technically perfect clichés”.
The following 70 minutes long compilation will give you an idea about what we see as “rough and original” in today’s extremely diverse young animation scene. On the one hand this selection includes titles which we find visually stunning, while on the other hand these shorts either make use of the concise and parabolic as well as abstract qualities of animation form, or take personal life stories to a more universal and/or surreal level, which you will certainly find more compelling and perhaps even more tangible than reality in the end.

- Curated by Anna Ida Orosz, programming director of Primanima.

Mind the Gap

An amateur mime artist is trying to impress a grumpy man at the tube station but suddenly the tables are starting to turn…

My Three Grandmas

Women do learn a lot from their grandmothers, who can have the same amount of influence on their grandchildren’s lives, as their parents do. A grandmother is the base of the family, a great organizer. However, these ladies used to be young too, once they were children, teenagers, brides. Yet, their youthful indiscretions are covered by the dim shadows of the past. Their former thoughts and actions are well censored and are part of the family myths. This film is about my three grandmas...


Three average guys spending an average Saturday together in Budapest.
Workshop assignment in morph animation.

The Age of Curious

A surreal coming of age story about three young teenagers, who face their inner wildness through a dream-like path.


One minute drawing animation on the power of belief, imagination and desire.


Hello Hulk Hogan, don't worry we will be OK in the end. A student film made at RCA, London.


Surrounded by nothingness, a knight lives with his wife in a small house. Every day he must defend their home against attacks of other knights. What he gets as a reward is love and a satisfying meal.


Life struggles to assert and organize itself within a harsh and shifting environment.


A boy, having lost his glasses, can only see one thing in focus at a time. His sight gets attracted by the sounds that surround him. He will have to explore a blurry world of unknown places and strange characters.

It’s About Spending Time Together

A recounted and reconstructed moment between me, my father and my brother.


Rising from his grave, Kostya the skeleton goes to meet his unknown and, for sure, bright future. We witness his adventures in a modern megacity.

Three Weeks in December

Being a personal story that enhances the family bonds, using my sketchbook drawings as a reference and my family as the subject, this film follows a diaristic format showing several situations and events which are part of my culture and routine in my home town Belmonte during Christmas time.

A Different Perspective

A visit from an alien life form results in a change of perspective in more ways than one.


Under the three lights of a Colombian stoplight a beautiful circus act becomes a terrifying freak show.


The Russian bear Nicolaï immigrated to Europe to prove to the love of his life (his beautiful ex wife Natasha) that he’s not a loser. During the day he works as a bear in the zoo, in the evenings he tries to forget his problems by playing the piano. A film about a bear and about the love of his life.


A short animation film – 4 feature films covered within 1 minute.
As a collective of four French independent artists, La Mécanique du Plastique produce unique, often bizarre animated films mixing various techniques.

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What's On

Three Floors Tre piani

Nanni Moretti

Monday, 18. 10. 2021 / 17:30 / Main Hall

The Mole Agent El Agente Topo

Maite Alberdi

Monday, 18. 10. 2021 / 18:30 / Small Hall

When a family become concerned about their mother’s well-being in a retirement home, private investigator Romulo hires the 83-year-old Sergio to become a resident and a mole inside the home. While gathering intelligence, the charming senior soon becomes close to several residents and realises the truth beneath the surface is not what anyone had suspected.


The Gig Is Up The Gig Is Up

Shannon Walsh

Monday, 18. 10. 2021 / 20:30 / Main Hall