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Animateka 2012

Partner Festivals: Interfilm Berlin Partnerski festivali: Interfilm Berlin

various / 70 min

V operi / En La Opera / At The Opera
Juan Pablo Zaramella (JPZ Studio)
Argentina/Argentina, 2010, HD, 1’

An original and particular moving night at the opera.

A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation
Martin Wallner, Stefan Leuchtenberg (Dancing Squirrel)
Nemčija/Germany, 2010, HD, 14’30‘‘

After the unexpected death of his father, a young man hopes to learn how to cope with his loss by venturing out on a powerful emotional journey through time and space.

Leonard Cohen (ENSAD)
Francija/France, 2010, HD, 7’30”

Falling up, tumbling sideways, profound flatness and zigzagging lines. Hey, man! Where's your cube? Welcome to Plato, somewhere between the anamorphosis of reality and the severity of imagination.

Videoigrica / Videogioco - Loop Experiment
Donato Sansone (Milkyeyes)
Italija/Italy, 2009, HD, 2’00”

Videogioco is a non-sense and grottesque story. It begins with a fist and a cut head...

De Riria Subasutaimu
Shinsaku Hidaka (Shinsaku Hidaka)
Japonska/Japan, 2012, HD, 13’00”

After leaving his wife at the hospital, a man becomes lost in abstract dimensions with a treasure trove of visual association potential.

Standing Up for Freedom
Carlos Lascano (Eallin Motion Art/Carlos Lascano)
Češka, Španija/Czech Republic, Spain, 2011, HD, 2’00”

A metaphorical journey showing mankind´s struggle for freedom over the last 50 years. For Amnesty International.

Kirk Hendry (Th1ng)
Velika Britanija/UK, 2010, HD, 6’30”

An animated tale about a young boy's addiction to junk food and the importance of following your gut instinct.

Philip Hofmänner (HSLU Luzern/SRF)
Švica/Switzerland, 2011, HD, 6’00”

A man and a woman are drawn to one another but cannot stay together because time and tide wait for no one.

A Different Perspective
Chris O'Hara (Chris O'Hara)
Irska/Ireland, 2012, HD, 2’00”

A visit from an alien life form results in a change of perspective in more ways than one

Rew Day
Svilen Dimitrov (Miramar Film)
Bolgarija/Bulgaria, 2012, HD, 7’00”

The last day of a man´s life is seen as on a videotape, which is being rewound to the moment he wakes up in the morning having no idea what lies ahead.

Aike Arndt (Aike Arndt)
Germany, 2011, HD, 8’30”

A humorous take on the world of Greek mythology from the perspective of Atlas.

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How it grows ... Tako zraste ...

Miha Kalan, Jernej Žmitek

Saturday, 23. 10. 2021 / 10:00 / Main Hall

The Father The Father

Florian Zeller

Saturday, 23. 10. 2021 / 14:15 / Main Hall

Anthony is in his eighties, lives alone in his London apartment and categorically refuses the nurses his daughter is trying to arrange for him. Yet help is becoming a necessity as she can no longer make daily visits and he is losing his grip on reality as his memory is fading.

Kinobalon / Premiere

Nelly Rapp – Monster Agent Nelly Rapp – Monsteragent

Amanda Adolfsson

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