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Panorama III (2023) Panorama III (2023)

različni avtorji / various / 87 min

Panorama is a strand that gives you the best insight into what regional animation cinema has to offer.

Naše prasátko / Our Piggy
Jaromír Plachý (Bionaut Animation)
Czechia, 2022, 2'02"

Stuffed animals are fun. And Our Piggy's bear is not just any stuffed animal. He's great for playing kitchen or doctor.

Liisi Grünberg (AAA Creative)
Estonia, 2023, 10'28"

Digital pet cat Miisu gets tired of her owner and starts to revolt. Inspired by Tamagotchi, Miisufy observes the world through the eyes of digital pets.

Mladen Đukić (Aeon)
Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2023, 3'45"

Conflict? Choose side. I've seen the war firsthand when I was a kid. I know what conflict is. Fed up with people asking me to take sides in modern conflicts that they know nothing about, I decided to make a piece in which we can talk about possible outcomes and angles of the same event.

Botanica Exotica
Sofia Laszlovszky (Planet for Sale)
Hungary, 2022, 12'50"

A fictional surrealistic story about time travel, love and an every-11-year approaching magnetic thunder generated by the Sun. The storm makes inhabitants release their aggression, which puts everybody’s life in danger.

Michał Socha, Jakub Socha (Letko/Michał Socha)
Poland, 2022, 6'18"

An absurd mix of crime and love story. An ambitious thief wants to steal a precious diamond. On his way, he meets competition – a mysterious femme fatale. The rivalry for the diamond slowly turns into a mutual fascination that takes the couple into a world between dream and reality.

Hou / Keep
Andrei Campan, Ramona Kristo (Vână Animation Studio/Loud Biscuit)
Romania, 2023, 9'20"

We follow a little man's journey in his sacrificial try to keep alive his beloved lighthouses. A love letter in absentia.

Дъщерята на художника (Dashteriata na hudojnika) / The Artist's Daughter
Dimitar Dimitrov (Metamorfoza)
Bulgaria, 2023, 12'05"

A story about a father and his daughter who first die, then mysteriously revive, and the apparent drama melts into the lightness of a game in which death is stripped of weight and transformed into a dummy paper bird. The aesthetics of absurdity was inspired by the work of Daniil Kharms.

Holladio hods gsogt / Holladio She Said
Sarah Braid (University of Art and Design Linz)
Austria, 2022, 5'11"

Holladio hods gsogt is a music video project in which women* have their say and take a stand on everyday sexism, misogyny and sexual harassment. The intention is to create awareness for the topics of catcalling and sexual harassment in public space.

Safari Club
Zuzanna Szyszak (Likaon/WJT Team/EC1 Ŀodz)
Poland, 2023, 9'50"

"Safari Club" is a place where partygoers can cut loose, run wild and display animalistic behaviour. A girl gets ready to go out hunting and is about to have the wildest night-out of her life, in every sense of "wild".

ქაღალდის თვითმფრინავი / Paper Plane
Tata Managadze (20 Steps Productions)
Georgia, 2022, 7'

Follow the uplifting journey of a simple paper airplane as it overcomes its limitations and learns to spread its wings, reminding us that with determination and persistence, anything is possible.

Krab / Crab
Piotr Chmielewski (WJTeam/Promenons-nous dans les bois/EC1 Lodz – Miasto Kultury/Rabbit Hole Production/Piotr Chmielewski)
Poland, France, 2022, 8'40"

Animals are our silent companions; they have witnessed the greatest achievements and most horrible failures of humankind. They live their lives parallel to ours – they are our food, our tools or, in the best case, we just don’t notice them.

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