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From 11 August 2022

Orchestra Orkester

Matevž Luzar / Slovenia / 2021 / 111 min / German, Slovene

The merry members of a brass band from Slovenia travel by bus to perform in a small Austrian town. They sing, cheer and drink all the way there. Being part of a brass band is a joyful hobby for most members. However, not everything goes as planned… Five distinct stories tell us that hiding one’s actions and intentions is the best way to make them shameful.

cast Gregor Zorc, Gregor Čušin, Jernej Kogovšek, Lovro Lezič, Gaber K. Trseglav

Slovenian Film Database

»Luzar sets what is primarily a Slovenian milieu study in Austria, located somewhere between the black and white of Miloš Forman's Firemen's Ball and the bitter humour of Ulrich Seidl.«
- Film Festival Cottbus.

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