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From 20 October 2022

Olga Olga

Elie Grappe / Switzerland, France / 2021 / 87 min / Russian, Italian, French, Ukrainian

2013. A fifteen-year-old Ukrainian gymnast is torn between Switzerland, where she is preparing for the European Championship, and Kiev, where her mother, a journalist, reports on the Revolution of Dignity.

directed by Elie Grappe, cast Anastasiia Budiashkina, Sabrina Rubtsova, Caterina Barloggio



Olga is a 15-year-old Ukrainian gymnast preparing for the European championship. Her dreams are thwarted by the tense political happening: when she and her mother, who is a journalist, find themselves in danger, Olga is forced to go to Switzerland. There, she continues her sports career and tries to become or rather remain the best. In the meanwhile, her country is thrown into turmoil – the Maidan Revolution breaks out in Kyiv, sucking Olga’s mother and also her best friend into a dangerous whirlpool. When the sound of revolution breaks into the faraway Swiss gym, Olga is faced with a dilemma.  

Let film take you away with dangerous turns!

The film made its world première in the Cannes Critics' Week section and was nominated the Swiss candidate for the Oscar.

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