Animateka 2019

Opening of the Elephant Programme: How It Grows… Butterfly Opening of the Elephant Programme: How It Grows… Butterfly

various / 46 min / 6+

For children aged 6 and more

Kā Lupatiņi uzminēja / How Shammies Guessed
(Atom Art)

Latvia, 2012, hd, 2'
Edmunds Jansons    

Sockie finds a button from Mittens trousers and together with other Shammies they try to guess what it could be. Shammies is an animated cross media project for pre-school children - about discovering the world based on children games, fantasies and word plays.

Athleticus: Course de demi fond / Athleticus: Middle-Distance Race
Nicolas Deveaux (Cube Creative Productions)
France, 2019, 2'

Today, pink flamingos on the starting blocks of a middle-distance race. Amongst them, an odd one...

Koyaa – Spolzko milo / Koyaa – Slippery Soap
Kolja Saksida (Zvviks)
Slovenia, 2019, 2'45''

Koyaa wants to wash his muddy hands, but the slippery soap is making it really wacky. He has to juggle the soap bar, skate on it and play hockey. Will he ever manage?

Princ Ki-ki-do: Krt / Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Mole the Miner
Grega Mastnak (Zavod Ozor)
Slovenia, 2018, 5'

The Moles are celebrating Little Mole’s birthday. As a present, he gets his first mattock! Overjoyed, he decides to try it out right away. But youthful enthusiasm knows no limits, and the churned-up ground soon puts the life in the forest at risk. This is a case for Prince Ki-Ki-Do.

Tako zraste … metulj / How It Grows… Butterfly
Miha Kalan, Jernej Žmitek (Invida)
Slovenia, 2019, 5'

Mala živalca se rodi. Kmalu si mora poiskati hrano, da lahko raste in raste. Včasih mora biti previdna in se skriti pred plenilci. Dnevi minevajo in mala živalca ni več tako majhna. Zrasla je v odraslo žival in sama raziskuje svet, dokler ne opazi nekoga zelo posebnega. Družico iste vrste! Zaljubita se in življenjski krog se znova prične.

A little animal is born. Soon it has to learn how to find food so it can grow and grow. Sometimes it has to be careful not become food for its predators. Days go by and the little animal is not little anymore. It has grown into an adult. It keeps exploring the world on its own until it notices someone special. A mate of the same species! They fall in love and the circle of life begins again.

Front Door
Yejin Lee (Korea National University of Animation)
South Korea, 2019, 3'12''

There is a small puppy among the passing people. The dog responds to everything that passes by but nobody cares about the dog.

En Sortant De L'École - Jean Tardieu: Nature / Fresh Out of School – Jean Tardieu: Nature
Isis Leterrier (Tant Mieux Prod)
France, 2019, 3'

The inhabitants of the forest welcome a bird in sorrow to their midst. Everything comes to life in a delicate miniature opera. A short film adapted from the poem Nature by Jean Tardieu, realised for the 6th season of En Sortant De l'Ecole.

C'est moi le plus beau / I’m So Handsome
Anaïs Sorrentino, Arnaud Demuynck (Les Films du Nord/La Boîte,... Productions)
France, Belgium, 2018, 5'32''

One fine morning, Mr Wolf wakes up in an unusually good mood. He spruces himself up and sets off for a walk so that everyone can admire him and confirm that he is indeed the most handsome creature around! He is soon to be sorely disappointed.

El cocodril no em fa por / I'm Not Scared of the Crocodile
Marc Riba & Anna Solanas (I+G Stop Motion)
Spain, 2018, 4'

Once upon a time there was a crocodile who didn't like to hunt.

Dimitri et la drôle de surprise / Dimitri and a Fun Surprise
Agnès Lecreux (Vivement Lundi !/Beast Animation/Nadasdy Film)
France, Belgium, Switzerland, 2018, 13'12''

One stormy day, Dimitri the little bird lands on the plain of ubuyu in Africa. Makeba the giraffe takes him under her protection and this unexpected journey turns out to be extremely enlightening. Dimitri will meet Tamaa, a little monkey…

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