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Opening of the Elephant Programme for families (2021) Odprtje družinskega programa Slon (2021)

različni avtorji / various / 60 min / 4+

Začetek / Mr. Beginning
skupina na delavnici pod mentorstvom Jelene Dragutinović in Janje Kosi / Collective work made in a workshop mentored by Jelena Dragutinović and Janja Kosi (Društvo Slon)
Slovenia, 2021, 1'16”

The film is based on an original story submitted in a call for stories made up by children. The humorous short piece with an ingenious wordplay fascinated the participants of a children’s animation workshop and inspired them to turn it into an animation.

Tako zraste … krt / How It Grows... Mole
Miha Kalan, Jernej Žmitek (INVIDA)
Slovenia, 2021, 5'

Amidst a spring meadow, down in a deep burrow, a little mole is born. He soon learns to hunt delicious bugs and escape from predators to survive. When he is fully grown, a pretty female mole winks at him from a neighbouring burrow.

Povodni mož / Water Man
Katarina Nikolov (Iridium film)
Slovenia, 2020, 14'10”

Ema and her younger brother Max spice up their boring shopping trip in the mall with an imaginative game about the Underwater Man. The adventure re-evaluates their attitude towards consumerism, strengthens the bond between them and brings the realization that the most valuable things in life cannot be bought.

Spacapufi: Žiže / Spuffies: Jubees
Jaka Ivanc (Strup produkcija/NuFrame/URGH!/RTV Slovenia/Sonolab)
Slovenia, 2021, 11'08”

Spuffies have a serious thing for jubees. When they've eaten the very last delicious fruit and hunger is about to strike, they head to the old Poofler's place through the murky forest. There they meet and befriend a Spider who shows them the way to the jubee grove.

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What's On

Best of the World III (2021) Svetovni jagodni izbor III (2021)

različni avtorji

Thursday, 02. 12. 2021 / 16:30 / Main Hall

Competition Programme III (2021) Tekmovalni program III (2021)

različni avtorji

Thursday, 02. 12. 2021 / 19:00 / Main Hall

My Sunny Maad My Sunny Maad

Michaela Pavlátová

Thursday, 02. 12. 2021 / 21:30 / Main Hall

When Herra, a Czech woman, falls in love with Nazir, an Afghan man, she has no idea about the life that awaits her in post-Taliban Afghanistan, nor about the family she is about to join.