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A Stranger Obrana i zaštita

Bobo Jelčić / Croatia / 2013 / 87 min

A psychological portrayal of the post-war, ethnically divided Mostar, a narrative of the world where paranoia, comedy and drama co-exist.

The death of an old friend plunges Slavko into a dilemma. He is unsure whether he, a Croat, should attend the funeral in the Muslim part of Mostar. On the one hand, he feels it’s his duty; on the other, he fears a hostile reaction from his own community. His wife and son are sick of his well-worn monologues. At odds with themselves and plagued by divisions: the man and his city have something in common. Slavko does not want to take a wrong decision but after all these years he is not sure anymore what he really wants. His actions invariably verge on the grotesque, resembling paranoia.

“Every film should be autobiographical in a way, because you can only properly and responsibly speak about the things that you know well, particularly those you experienced personally. So this film is about things that I dare to say I know very well – the feelings, the mentality, the situations in the city. They are also, in a large part, what I’m made from.” (Bobo Jelčić)

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Snatched from the Source Zajeti v izviru – Slovenski otroci Lebensborna

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Monday, 22. 04. 2024 / 18:30 / Small Hall

Maja Weiss’s documentary tells the stories of four stolen children, the last remaining Slovenian victims of the Nazi Lebensborn programme.