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The Age of Shadows Miljeong

Kim Jee-woon / South Korea / 2016 / 140 min / English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese

The adrenaline-ridden action movie based on real incidents brings to the screen the story of South Korean liberation movement against Japanese colonial rule.

The adrenaline-ridden action movie based on real incidents brings to the screen the story of South Korean liberation movement against Japanese colonial rule.

Seoul, 1923. Set during the Japanese occupation of South Korea. Lee Jung-Chool was once a member of the Korean independence movement, but he now works as a police officer for Japan. He receives an order to take down the Righteous Brotherhood, a Korean independence group. In the guise of an art collector, Lee Jung-Chool introduces himself to art dealer Kim Woo-Jin, who is the regional leader of the Righteous Brotherhood. The resistance movement learns there are spies within their group. Meanwhile, members of the Righteous Brotherhood go to Shanghai to acquire explosive for an attack on the Japanese government in Korea.

"The Japanese colonial period was the most difficult time in Korean history. In contrast, today you can see how the world is moving towards the right wing, even Korea is having a hard time financially. I thought it would be important to show what happened then and how it relates to what’s happening today." (Kim Jee-woon)

Kim Jee-woon
Born in 1964 in Seoul, South Korea, he embarked on his professional career as a theatre director but later achieved distinction as one of Korea’s greatest filmmakers. A Tale of Two Sisters is recognised as one of the most influential Korean horror films ever. The film was later remade into the 2009 U.S. film The Uninvited. In 2013, The Last Stand took him to Hollywood to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Forest Whitaker.

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What's On

Wake Me Zbudi me

Marko Šantić

Sunday, 14. 04. 2024 / 11:00 / Main Hall

Wake Me Up is a highly relevant story about xenophobia, collective memory loss and the search for new beginnings. The winner of five Vesna awards, including Best Feature, at the latest Festival of Slovenian Film.

Sirocco and the Kingdom of the Winds Sirocco et le Royaume des courants d’air

Benoît Chieux

Sunday, 14. 04. 2024 / 11:30 / Small Hall

Agnès, the neighbour of Juliette (4 years old) and Carmen (8 years old), writes children’s books that take place in a fantastic world, The Kingdom of the Winds. The two sisters discover a passage between their world and this extraordinary universe. Once there, the two girls are transformed into cats and separated from each other. They will have to show temerity and daring to find each other. With the help of the singer Selma, they will try to reach the real world by confronting Sirocco, the master of winds and storms… But is he as terrifying as they imagine?

Dounia and the Princess of Aleppo Dounia et la princesse d'Alep

Marya Zarif, André Kadi

Sunday, 14. 04. 2024 / 14:30 / Main Hall

Dounia is 6 years old. She lives in Aleppo, a thousand-year-old legendary city in the heart of the world. But one day, war breaks out… So she leaves Aleppo with a few nigella seeds in her hand. With the help of the princess of Aleppo, Dounia makes the journey to a new world.