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Animateka 2019

Never Like the First Time! Aldrig som första gĺngen!

Jonas Odell / various / 80 min

Jonas Odell retrospective.

Lögner / Lies
Jonas Odell (FilmTeckarna F. Animation AB)
Sweden, 2008, 35 mm,13’

Three perfectly true stories about lying. In three episodes based on documentary interviews, we meet a burglar who claims to be a moonlighting accountant, a boy who finds himself confessing to a crime he didn’t commit and a woman whose whole life has been a chain of lies.

Här är karusellen / Revolver
Jonas Odell, Stig Bergqvist, Martti Ekstrand, Lars Ohlson (FilmTeknik, Filmtecknarna)
Sweden, 1993, 8’

An experimental short film based on repetitive movement. The main intention was to create a film much in the same way as you would create a piece of music; themes that build and develop rather than a traditional narrative.

Audio Bullys: Shot You Down
Jonas Odell (Filmtecknarna, Nexus Studios)
UK, Sweden, 2005, 35 mm, 4’

Music video for the track "Shot You Down" by AudioBullys ft. Nancy Sinatra.

Jag Var en Vinnare/I Was a Winner
Jonas Odell (Apparat, Johan Edström Filmproduktion AB)
Sweden, 2016, digital, 14'10"

In the semblances of their avatars three people tell us about their experience with their gaming addiction. They paint a picture of an existence characterized by isolation and flight response, but also by revenge and romanticism. An ingeniously designed and animated documentary that both captivates and moves you.

Ida Maria:  Better When You´re Naked
Jonas Odell (Filmtecknarna, Nexus Studios)
Sweden, 2005, 35 mm, 4’

Music video.

Aldrig som första gĺngen! / Never Like the First Time!
Jonas Odell  (Filmteckarna)
Sweden, 2006, beta SP, 15’

Four people each get to tell the story of their first time in an animated film based on documentary interviews. These stories range from comedy to tragedy, stories from last year or from the 1920’s, stories that are remembered with nostalgia, embarrassment or even horror. All these stories have one thing in common: it is never like the first time!

Franz Ferdinand: Right Action
Jonas Odell (Nexus)
UK, 2013, 4’

Music video.

Jonas Odell (FilmTeckarna)
Sweden, 2010, 35 mm, 14’30"

The West German terrorist Norbert Kröcher was arrested in Stockholm on 31March 1977. He was leading a group planning to kidnap the Swedish politician Anna-Greta Leijon. A number of suspects were arrested in the following days. One of the people arrested was Kröcher's ex-girlfriend, "A". This is her story...

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