No Men Beyond This Point No Men Beyond This Point

Mark Sawers / Canada / 2015 / 80 min

Aged thirty-seven, Andrew Myers is the youngest man still living on Earth as men have been threatened with extinction. For over half a century women spontaneously give birth to children - girls - without any contribution from male genes. Men quickly disappeared from all major posts, and sex and violence were outlawed. The remaining men are now cared for in special reservations or used as cheap labourers such as Myers. Taciturn and unremarkable, Andrew is a housekeeper engaged in a life-or-death struggle for survival of men on Earth.

A world ruled by women with men hovering on the brink of extinction. The offbeat and daring mockumentary centres on one of the last surviving males struggling for the preservation of his kind.

"I can’t take anything really seriously. When I start doing things seriously, I start mocking them right away. I marvel at people who do serious drama, but I prefer to get a laugh than tears." (Mark Sawers)

Mark Sawers
Born in 1967 in British Columbia, Canada, Sawers graduated in film in 1989 from the University of British Columbia and began his career in the 1990s making short films such as Shoes Off! that won the Best Short Film prize at the Cannes Film Festival’s International Critics’ Week. His penultimate feature, Camera Shy, has screened at a number of festivals and won various awards.

filmography (selection)
1992 Hatemail (short)
1993 Stroke (short)
1995 Best Wishes Mason Chadwick
1998 Shoes Off! (short)
2003 Lonesome Joe (short)
2009 Pure Evil (TV)
2012 Camera Shy
2015 No Men Beyond This Point


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