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Best of the Elephant: 20 years Najboljši iz Slona: 20 let

različni avtorji / various / 47 min / 8+

A selection of the finest animated shorts from this year’s Elephant in Competition, these are Children Jury’s favourites!

Log Jam: The Snake
Alexei Alexeev (Studio Baestarts)
Hungary, 2008, 1'

Deep in the forest three animals love nothing more than freestyle jammin’ with their customized instruments. The bear’s on bass, there’s a howlin’ wolf, and the rabbit provides the beats – with his head.

A Girl Named Elastika
Guillaume Blanchet (Guillaume Blanchet)
Canada, 2013, 3'30''

Elastika is not like any other little girl. First, because she is made of elastics. Also because her universe is a land of cork. Her journey is also one of a kind, as she jumps from one building to another, crosses an ocean solo or travels to space holding on to a firework rocket. Her adventure, shot in stop motion, required over 10,000 pictures.

Ježeva kuća / Hedgehog's Home
Eva Cvijanović (NFB/Bonobostudio)
Canada, Croatia, 2017, 10'08"

In a lush and lively forest lives a hedgehog. He is respected and envied by other animals. However, his unwavering devotion to his home annoys a quartet of insatiable beasts. Together, they march off towards Hedgehog’s home and spark a tense and prickly standoff.

Teoria Zakata / The Theory Of Sunset
Roman Sokolov (Peterburg Animation Studio)
Russia, 2017, 8'48"

Deep in the night, a dedicated cyclist traverses a wintry forest. His challenge is to make sure the new day gets off to a fresh and timely start.

Sergei Kibus (Nukufilm)
Estonia, 2018, 15'

A tale of freedom and compassion, set in the 1980s Soviet Estonia, as experienced by a cat and recounted by its owner. Cat Teofrastus lives a homeless life at a train station. One day, he is offered a home by a family living in a nearby countryside house. However, the happy life is short-lived when the cat is taken to the big city and gets lost on the streets.

Pablo Polledri (Uniko/Maniac Planet)
Spain, Argentina, 2021, 8'

In this society, each human being repeats the same action over and over again; in this society, each human being repeats the same action over and over again; in this society, each human being repeats the same action over and over again; in this society, each human being repeats the same action over and


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Additional Screening

Anatomy of a Fall Anatomie d’une chute

Justine Triet

Monday, 04. 03. 2024 / 15:15 / Main Hall

Sandra, a successful German writer, her French husband Samuel and their visually impaired eleven-year-old son Daniel live a secluded life in a remote town in the French Alps. When Samuel is found dead in the snow below their chalet, the police question whether he committed suicide or was killed by his wife… Palme d’Or winner 2023!

The Eternal Memory La memoria infinita

Maite Alberdi

Monday, 04. 03. 2024 / 17:15 / Small Hall

The story of Paulina’s deep and uncompromising devotion and Augusto’s fierce struggle to preserve his identity is a heartbreaking and inspiring monument to the indestructible power of love. The film by Maite Alberdi (The Mole Agent) was nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary.

All of Us Strangers All of Us Strangers

Andrew Haigh

Monday, 04. 03. 2024 / 18:15 / Main Hall

This film by Andrew Haigh (45 Years) is a nostalgic, dreamy story about loss, loneliness and the power of love.