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From 15 January 2020

Who You Think I Am Celle que vous croyez

Safy Nebbou / France, Belgium / 2019 / 101 min / French

A story of love, longing, and loneliness in the era of social media. Juliette Binoche as a woman trapped between fantasy and reality.


Claire, a 50-year-old professor of comparative literature, decides to create a fake Facebook profile to spy on her young lover Ludo. Under the fake identity of an attractive 24-year-old woman, she engages in conversation with Ludo’s friend Alex. The young man falls head over heels for her, and soon enough, Claire falls madly in love with him as well. The real world drifts further and further away, as Claire is increasingly held a captive of her virtual persona.

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What's On

The Guilty Den skyldige

Gustav Möller

Wednesday, 26. 02. 2020 / 15:00 / Main Hall

Danish director Gustav Möller got the idea for The Guilty after listening to a sound recording of a real 911 call. The psychological thriller takes its audience on an intense journey without physically leaving the claustrophobic environment of a police call centre.

The Diary of Diana B. Dnevnik Diane Budisavljević

Dana Budisavljević

Wednesday, 26. 02. 2020 / 16:00 / Small Hall

Long kept a secret, this story about a woman who saved thousands of children from an Ustashe camp in the Second World War talks about the best people in the worst of times. This was the big winner of the Pula Film Festival, awarded by the audience with a standing ovation.

Beanpole Dilda

Kantemir Balagov

Wednesday, 26. 02. 2020 / 17:00 / Main Hall

A story about Ija and Maša, two young women seeking sense and hope in the ruins of post-war Leningrad.