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A Night Too Young Příliš mladá noc

Olmo Omerzu / Czech Republic, Slovenia / 2012 / 65 min / Czech

An allegorical miniature about demystification of love. The feature debut by Slovenia-born and Czech-trained director was premiered at this year’s Berlin Film Festival.

On New Year’s Day, two 12-year-old boys, Baluška and Řezač, unexpectedly find themselves in the flat of three young adults and have their first encounter with love and sexuality. Oblivious to the fact that someone might miss them and even send police to search for them, they forget about time. Unmindful that they’re still children, they drink, fall in love, vomit and allow themselves to be sucked into the “shameless and licentious” world inhabited by David, Kateřina and Štepan.

»We jointly explored and addressed the loss of love ideals in favour of an utterly ‘mechanical sexuality’, i.e. sexual activity deprived of love. The demystified sexuality and its brutal emergence are also presented as a mask for uncertainty and a defence mechanism against tenderness. It is neither a classical story about childhood nor a usual coming-of-age film, it’s more an allegory, where male and female archetypes surface, also in the world of children. Although the line between childhood and adulthood does exist, sin and innocence cross it rather easily, disregarding all social inhibitions and taboos.« (Olmo Omerzu)

Olmo Omerzu
Born in 1984 in Ljubljana. Between 2001 and 2003 Omerzu was editor of the internationally acclaimed Stripburger comic magazine. In 2004 he published his first comic. That same year he also began studying film direction at the Prague Film School, graduating in 2011. Premiered at this year’s Berlin FF, A Night Too Young is his first feature film.

2005 Masky (Maske) (kratki/short)
2006 Laska (Ljubezen) (kratki/short)
2008 Druhe dejstvi (Drugo dejanje) (srednjemetražni/middle-length)
2012 Příliš mladá noc (A Night Too Young/Mlada noč)

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