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24 March - 17 April 2018

Mimi and Liza Mimi a Líza

Katarína Kerekesová / Slovakia / 2015 / 38 min / Dubbed / 3+

Mimi is a blind girl, Lisa is her best friend. Together, they travel through fantastic worlds, where anything goes!

The five short animated films about Mimi and Liza are part of the section First Timers, and they are screened in Slovenian language. 

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What's On

Pacifiction Pacifiction

Albert Serra

Tuesday, 31. 01. 2023 / 17:00 / Main Hall

Another one of director Albert Serra’s idiosyncratic, boldly narrated films, Pacifiction blends a critique of postcolonialism with apocalyptic threat.

Wrecked Piano Pošvedrani klavir

Miha Vipotnik

Tuesday, 31. 01. 2023 / 17:30 / Small Hall

A musical film using live-action and animated inserts to tell the story of an old, abandoned piano in Studio 1 of Radio Slovenia. The basic premises of the stories are true and supported by insider testimonies; the rest is a product of the authors’ imagination and creative drive. The film won the Vesna Award for original music and the Slovenian Film Publicists (FIPRESCI) Award.


Boris Petkovič

Tuesday, 31. 01. 2023 / 19:30 / Small Hall

An archival-documentary account of Slovenia’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement, as well as the associated organisations that influenced the wider social arena of ex-Yugoslavia.