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Metronom Metronom

Alexandru Belc / Romania, France / 2022 / 102 min / Romanian

A teen romance and a drama about coming of age in communist Romania. 17-year-old Ana and her boyfriend spend their last days together before he emigrates from the country.


Romania, autumn 1972. Ceaușescu has been in power for seven years. The authoritarian regime and the violation of civil rights have already corroded the social structure and blurred any memory of "normality." Even the young people, whose inclination for freedom of thought and rebellion is most pronounced, find it hard to resist the weight of this influence. In these circumstances, even completely innocent acts such as a parent-free party or a letter to a popular radio anchor can quickly prove dangerous. The story about the 1970s Bucharest, shown in elegant cinematic stylization, was inspired by a true secret police file from that era.

"I have a passion about memory and historical memory, and the conversation and preservation of historical memory and recent history. I found it interesting to tell a story about communism, but not another typical story about communism – to find a particular place in the historical timeline to tell this story for the young generation. … People were starting to feel that things were getting worse. We are followed by the secret police, we are forbidden to listen to certain music, to read certain books. It was just the beginning." (Alexandru Belc)

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Friday, 22. 09. 2023 / 20:45 / Main Hall

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