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Revenge Revenge

Coralie Fargeat / France, Belgium / 2017 / 108 min / English, French

Leading a fierce life-and-death struggle in the middle of a desert hell, Revenge’s wounded heroine comes back to life to wreak vengeance on her male assailers.

festivals, awards Toronto 2017, Sundance 2018

Jen joins her married lover, Richard, for a romp at his secluded desert villa before his annual hunting vacation. However, when his leering pals arrive, they’re a far cry from Richard’s millionaire-Adonis charms, and they feel entitled to make their own advances on Jen and ignore her rejections. After being violently assaulted and left for dead in the middle of the desert, Jen comes back to life, and the men’s hunting game is transformed into a ruthless manhunt.

"Revenge is the story of the sloughing of a woman. A young, frivolous and naïve Lolita, subject to men’s desires and whom men only see as a sexual object. An object that has to satisfy their desire. Even if it means dying. Even though she doesn’t die physically, the character dies symbolically. Physically wounded, this sweet and inconsequential doll will be reborn as a harsh, beastly and unforgiving woman. One that no one can manipulate or abuse." (Coralie Fargeat)

Coralie Fargeat
Born in 1976 in Paris, Fargeat studied at La Fémis. She began her career as an assistant director on American productions in France. Her debut short film, The Telegram, won 13 awards at multiple film festivals, and her sci-fi short film Reality+ won several awards on the festival circuit. Revenge is her first feature film.

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